Africa Students Scholarship Scheme 2021

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Africa Students Scholarship Scheme 2021 is open to Undergraduate and Masters Degree students living in Africa only. See eligibility and how to apply for this scholarship below.

About the Africa Students Scholarship Scheme 2021

The ACCA Africa Scholarship Scheme has been created to support the progression and career of academically excellent students in Africa, especially in these challenging times. 

The scholarship scheme is designed to motivate students to aim towards higher performance in their exams and support them to pass using our available resources.

Scholarship Type:

The Africa students scholarship is open to undergraduate, and masters degree students only.

Eligibility for the Africa Students Scholarship Scheme 2021:

To qualify for the ACCA Africa Scholarship Scheme, you must be an active student sitting for exams and score at least 75% in one of the last papers sat in the preceding exam session. 

This will commence from the March 2021 exams sitting. 

Scholarships will be available for each paper passed with the qualifying criteria.

Conditions to Qualify for this Scholarship:

To be entitled to the scholarship, you must score 75% in one paper in an exam sitting and must be prepared to sit for two papers to in upcoming exam sittings e.g. you must pass one paper with 75% score in March and enter to sit June or September.

Note: Only students in Applied Skills and Strategic Professional levels are eligible for the scholarship offer.

You may also apply for the Griffith Remarkable Scholarship here.

How to Apply for the Africa Students Scholarship Scheme 2021:

To start your application, you must follow the steps below:

Step 1. You must first Subscribe 

To enter for the scholarship, you must first subscribe. Only students in Applied Skills and Strategic Professional levels are eligible to enter. Subscribe to enter for scholarship

Step 2. You must Book an Exam

If you haven’t already, you’d need to enter an exam to qualify for the scholarship. Book your next exam in the upcoming exam session. Book exam now

Step 3. Get Exam Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get answers to all your exam entry questions. You’ll need to sit for qualifying exam papers within two upcoming exam sessions. Exam entry FAQs.

Start your application for the Africa Students Scholarship. Good luck.

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