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China is becoming one of the study destinations for International Students. In order to study in China, you as an international student will require Chinese Student VISA. Here is the Visa information for study in China

The Chinese Student VISA comes is a main category called  X-visa which is issued to the students who have been admitted by recognized Chinese universities, colleges or schools. Student Visa is subdivided into two types, X1 and X2.  X1 Visa is issued for students who come to china to study for more than 6 months and X2 Visa is issued for students who come to China for studies like short courses which takes a period less than 6 months.

General required document to get Chinese Student Study Visa

1.Applicant must hold original passport valid at least six months and have at least two blank page

2. Passport size picture

3.Original  approved student Visa Application Form JW201 or JW202

4.Original Admission Letter from Chinese university, school or college.

5.Original completed Medical Examination Form, this form must have a hospital stamped, and physician signature.

All required documents listed above must be personal submitted to Chinese embassy or consulates in your country. A travel agency or visa agency would act on your behalf in case you are not able to submit documents personally.

Note that Application Form, Medical Examination Form can be obtained from Chinese embassy or consulate in applicant country or downloaded online from Chinese embassy or consulate website. Medical Examination Form also can download from our website at Health Check Form

Normally student Visa takes 5 – 10 working days after submission off all required documents, but students must be aware of that Chinese Embassy working and off duty hours, especially festival schedule, during Chinese Festival and applicant’s country festival, Chinese Embassy will be closed for some days.

X Visa fee depends on the country where a student is applying from, all information regarding visa fee could be obtained from Chinese embassy or consulate. The best time to apply for Chinese study visa is 1-2 months before travel date, this help applicant to avoid unforeseen problems which may occur during visa application process, much earlier or late to submit application, the Chinese embassy may reject it to process .

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