Croatian Scholarships for young Christians from Developing Countries

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Applications for Croatian Scholarships for young Christians from poor countries are now being accepted. Details on how to apply can be found below for those who are interested.

About the Croatian Scholarships for young Christians Award:

The Croatian Government Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate university study are awarded by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia (Ministry) and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (MFEA) to young Christians from underdeveloped nations.

The Republic of Croatia’s National Strategy for Development Cooperation for the period 2017-2021 (Official Gazette No. 107/17: hereinafter: National Strategy) emphasizes the interconnectedness of fundamental human rights, peace, security, and sustainable development.

Most sectoral priorities of Croatian development cooperation programs feature such an approach, and it is clearly integrated into the National Strategy’s first sectoral goal: the dignity of every human being.

It means that international development cooperation programs and projects are fully committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals while also promoting dignity, fundamental human rights, and well-being, as well as developing human capabilities and realizing full potential, regardless of gender, status, affiliation, belief, or place of residence.

The National Strategy highlights the right to education as a specific area of this sectoral goal, based on the idea of equality, regardless of religious, national, or other affiliation.

The promotion of fundamental human rights in terms of protecting freedom of thought, conscience, opinion, or religion has a clear link and complementarity with development cooperation policies, which, in relation to this program, aim to ensure conditions for long-term sustainable growth and development of the community and individual through educational programs.

Religious minorities, primarily Christians are one of the vulnerable groups in the world.

The Republic of Croatia has recognized this detrimental tendency on a worldwide scale, and is committed to respecting and protecting the rights of religious communities, as vulnerable groups in developing nations, as part of its international development assistance activity.

Scholarship recipients are required to return to their home countries after completing their studies.

When they return to their home countries, they are expected to use the information they gained in Croatia to help grow their communities, build capacities, and strengthen resilience at the local level.

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Scholarship Type:

Undergraduate, Masters

Croatian Scholarships Eligibility:

The scholarship is open to nationals of underdeveloped countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa for the academic year 2021/22.

Value of the Croatian Scholarships for young Christians Award: 

  • The scholarship provides full board and accommodation, a monthly allowance of 1.600 kuna, basic health insurance, and the fees of a one-year Croatian language preparation course.
  • The student will be supervised by the dormitory’s administrative chief and the Ministry of Science and Education’s Department for International Cooperation.
  • Travel to and from Croatia is included in the price.
  • The grant (monthly financial support) is intended to pay one person’s living expenses; there is no funding or visa exemption available for accompanying family members or other individuals.

Duration of Award:

  • Undergraduate university studies last three to four years on average. Students receive an academic title of baccalaureus or baccalaurea with reference to a specialization upon graduation, qualifying them for specialized work in art or science.
  • One to two years of graduate university coursework is normal. Students are given the academic titles of Magister or Magistra with reference to a specialism upon completion of graduate education.


Information about the Croatian higher education institutions and programs can be obtained on

The complete list of Croatian accredited academic institutions can be found on
Selected candidates will be provided with a full academic year of Croatian language preparation course.

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How to Apply for the Croatian Scholarships:

Candidates are encouraged to apply for the Scholarship by sending their applications to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

By the end of May 2021, the preliminary selection of applications will be completed.

  • Applicants must submit a 250-word essay/letter of motivation on their first choice of study, along with a copy of their medical certificate.
  • Applicants should additionally provide a scan of their high school or university diploma and report cards for the two previous academic years, as well as their curriculum vitae (in Europass format).
  • A letter of recommendation from a local parish or church community should be attached to the application.

The deadline for submitting an application is:

Candidates must submit their applications by May 17, 2021.

In June 2021, the selection results will be announced.

Official Website:

For More Information Visit the Official Croatian Scholarships Award Webpage Here 

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