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Are you an engineering student or young graduate with a passion for robotics?

Groupe SEB Tech Challenge – SEB, the leading household appliances company, is calling for innovative minds to come up with robots prototypes which will revolutionize household chores. From home, linen & personal care to food cooking and storing, it’s up to you to choose the category you are interested in. Shortlisted projects will receive €1.000 to produce a functional prototype of their project for the final marketplace. Finalists will be invited to a two day-final in SEB’s headquarters in Lyons (France) to pitch their projects!                                                                                                                                                                Recommended Posts:

To Apply For this Tech Challenge,

Your Group SEB Tech Challenge project must answer the following questions:

  • Does it provide a solution to an identified problem?
  • Is this a brand new innovation?
  • Is it a product improvement or does it bring about a brand new use?
  • Does it replace or supplement other equipment?
  • What is the value proposition?
  • What does your project bring to its user?
  • How can you justify the interest of a group of customers?
  • Who are these people and what would be their motivations for buying this project?
  • What promise does your project make?
  • What are the costs you are considering?
  • What would be the benefits?
  • How do you plan to sell this product?

Register before December 2nd & boost your career in robotics!


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