How To Win Scholarships To Study Abroad For International Students

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how to win scholarships to study abroad for international students is a major issue students around the world are facing, this is why i have decided to help out.

how to win a scholarships to study abroad international students

Hello everyone, in this post I will be sharing with you the steps I took to winning a scholarship to study in Germany in 2017/2018.

Students have this mindset that winning a scholarship is the hardest thing in life, but in this article or post I will be enumerating the steps of becoming a successful scholarship winner. So be happy, because your time is now.

This article is not all about winning a scholarship to study in Germany, but, it is an article that will also serve as a guide for all students around the World seeking Study Abroad Scholarships.

About ninety-nine percent (99%) of us scholarship seekers have this setback or mindset which i coined Scholarship Misconception.

Scholarship Misconception

Before applying for scholarships, 99% of students seeking scholarship already have in their minds the misconception of failing to winning that scholarship, for this reason you find it difficult to winning that scholarship of your dream.

You need to get rid of this mindset in order to succeed. I was once in your shoes, and i know exactly how you feel. This is why i am here to help you succeed.

 I am not guiltless of this mindset, and this misconception cost me a lot of opportunities to meeting my dreams in life, and i know majority of you fall

into this category, while for those first timers, do not panic. It is going to be fun. There is always a way out to every situation.

You and I see people we are better than academically, winning scholarships, travelling abroad for studies and meeting their dreams, but why is our case different? We will find out very soon.

 I sat down one day, cracked my head, search the web for information, but no vital information out there to give me a smooth ride into winning a scholarship.

The bottom line is, I did not give up in my quest of becoming who I want to become. Failing never stopped me from trying even more until I won.

I am using my life as a case study in this article, not to brag about my success or my achievements in life,

but to guide you and to also help you and others in this same situation in order to overcome this road block or obstacle stopping you from winning your dream scholarships.

After thorough study and research, I was able to break in like there was never a barrier on the way. The ride was so easy and smooth.

This is why I have decided to share with you this awesome life saving STEPS I TOOK TO WINNING A SCHOLARSHIP TO STUDY IN GERMANY.

Now let us dive into the topic at hand, because this why we are here in the first place. Isn’t it Friends?

How To Win Scholarships To Study Abroad For International Students

The 5 steps I took to win a scholarship to study in Germany are stated below;

  1. Knowing the right scholarship to apply for

  2. Complying with scholarship rules and procedures

  3. Having the minimum required Test of English as a Foreign Language Score (TOEFL / IELTS). Scores varies according to university requirements.

  4. Valid Documents (School Certificates, Valid International Passport)

  5. Sincerity

The First On The List Is Knowing The Right Scholarship To Apply For

Knowing the right scholarship to apply for is a major key player when it comes to winning a scholarship.

Majority of us do not understand this as being one of the key or major factors in winning a scholarship, and as such, we fail to win the scholarship that we seek or apply for.

 I am so sorry about this. Never give up your dreams of becoming who you want to become, because of failure of not winning a scholarship.

You will surely find the solution to your quest as you read on.

Again, in this article, I will be using myself as example in order to better explain the above mentioned winning steps.

During my quest for scholarship to study abroad in 2016, I was not patient enough to knowing what I want, so I applied for any scholarship which comes my way, and at some point abandon the process because of lack of understanding.

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I applied for many scholarships in fields not related to my course of choice and qualification, for this reason I failed to win the scholarships I applied for.

I know majority of us make this same mistake, this is why I have tailored out this scholarship winning article which is worth hundreds of thousands of Dollars for free to help solve your, and our problems.

So be happy, because you are not in this alone.

This brings us to the question below.

How Will I Know The Right Scholarship To Apply For?

Scholarships are given or provided by awarding institutions, which includes Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Charity organizations,

Multinational companies, Government and private Foundations, Faculty / department in universities, etc.

Each scholarship has some clause attached to them. Below you will find some types of scholarships.

Take Note: Some scholarships are meant for;

  • International students or applicants,

  • natives of a particular region,

  • country,

  • state,

  • county,

  • Or educational institution (University specifics) etc.


Having stated the above types of scholarships, it is now time for you to decide which one you fit into or qualify for.

In my case I was an international student, which is the first on the list.

As an international student, there are requirements that you must fulfill in order to win a scholarship. As we proceed, we shall learn about them. So please take note of these steps as you read on.

The requirements I have discussed in this article makes up the 5 STEPS I TOOK TO WIN A SCHOLARSHIP TO SYUDY IN GERMANY as stated above.

Applying for the wrong scholarship is the cause of us failing to win a scholarship, therefore I advice that we read carefully, and understand the scholarship requirements / criteria before applying.

 This leads us to the next on the list, which is;

Complying With Scholarship Rules And Procedures (Requirements)

How do we comply with scholarship rules and procedures? This is where majority of us fail in our quest to finding study abroad scholarships.

Every scholarship has its own rules and regulations, and all applicants are expected to adhere to these rules, procedures and regulations, as laid down by the scholarship providers.

Using myself again as an example, I followed all laid down rules and procedures just as they were stated on the scholarship web-page.

Back to the matter at hand, if you are applying for a scholarship, the first thing to do is to;

  • Carefully read the information contained in the scholarship application page,

  • Take note of the scholarship criteria and eligibility,

  • Check to see if the scholarship is applicable to you, in terms of course, qualification, region, country and if the scholarship is for international students,

  • Check for the scholarship application deadline, (this is very important, so that you do not apply for a closed or expired scholarship),

  • See if you have the minimum required English Language Test Score (TOEFL / IELTS), because most universities require this for international students coming from non English speaking countries,

 In case you do not have TOEFL or IELTS, you can take them HERE.

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  • Know the right document format for upload. In some cases, you may be asked to scan your document in JPG, PDF, PNG, DOC. Format. I advise that you check this very carefully not to upload the wrong document format,

  • Also know the required document file size for upload and reduce your document to meet that size,

  • Make sure you check the Font Size when filling your application form, because every scholarships has its own form filling formats, some require you fill your form in BLOCK LETTERS, while some are not specific of the format, but  I advise you to always fill your online application forms in BLOCK LETTERS. I hope this is clear enough? If yes, let us procreed, but if you have any question, note it down and ask using the comment box at the close or end of this article.


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This leads us to the next on the list, which is;

Having The Minimum Required Test Of English As A Foreign Language Score (Toefl / Ielts)

Having the minimum required English Language Test Score (TOEFL / IELTS) is very important and a major key player in winning a scholarship to study abroad, because most universities require this for international students coming from non English speaking countries.

They see other countries apart from the UK, United States of America, Australia and Canada as Non English speaking countries.

Therefore having this test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL) or International English Language Test Score (IELTS) will move you one step closer to your dream scholarship. This is my secret I promised to share in the 5 STEPS I TOOK TO WIN A SCHOLARSHIP TO STUDY IN GERMANY.

In case you do not have TOEFL or IELTS, you can take any of them HERE.

Valid Documents 

This is the biggest stopping block, setback, barrier, or road block preventing 90 percent (90%) of international students from winning and getting a scholarship.

I want us to take note of this point, whenever you are applying for a scholarship, always make sure your documents are up to date. I know you must be wondering what I am talking about when I say document.

how to win scholarships to study abroad for international students DOCUMENTS

This includes the following:

  • Valid International Passport

  • Transcripts

  • School Certificate (Secondary School Certificate, high school senior) for those applying for Undergraduate Scholarships

  • certificates (or Result statement) for those seeking Masters Scholarships

  • MSc certificates for those applying for PhD scholarships

  • PhD certificates for those seeking research scholarships

  • Police report of good conduct (not in all cases)

  • Referee letter from last institution attended (not in all cases)

  • And any other document required by the scholarship provider.


how to win scholarships to study abroad for international students : School Certificatesfrequently asked questions (FAQ)

I am going to throw more light on this, because I have read comments from students seeking scholarships, asking me if they can apply for a scholarship with AWAITING RESULTS.

My response to their question is that scholarship reviewers will not attend to incomplete scholarship applications, because in their requirements, they stated that all applicants should submit or upload scanned copy of school certificate (s).

So if you are applying for a scholarship with awaiting result, you definitely stand a chance of outright rejection by the scholarship reviewers, for this reason i decided to write the article on how to win a scholarships to study abroad international students so that all students will be aware of the right way to apply for a scholarship opening.

Point to note: You can only apply for a scholarship when your documents or credentials are complete or up to date.

Valid International Passport:

Valid international passport has made 90% of students not to win a scholarship, because without a valid passport there is no way a one can travel out of one’s country to study abroad.

Another frequently asked questions ( ) is Can I use my national I.D Card or Voters Card to apply for a scholarship?

In response to this question, it depends on the type of scholarship you are applying for. When you are applying for a scholarship outside your country and region, a valid international passport is what you need to apply,

but if the scholarship will be in your home country, then your national I.D Card or Voters Card is what you need to apply, that is, if it is part of the scholarship application requirements.

Having answered the above questions, it is time to round up by going to the last on list which is sincerity.


Being sincere with your scholarship application creates a smooth drive when you are faced with challenges requiring you to prove your true intention of applying for the scholarship.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) by scholarship providers

  1. Why do you wish to apply for this scholarship?

  2. State your reasons why you think this scholarship should be awarded to you?

  3. How will this scholarship add value to your country? Write short note on this.

  4. Do you have what it takes to standout among many if selected for this scholarship?

Though there are other frequently asked questions (FAQ) by scholarship providers, but I am going to end it here not to get you bored.

If you are not sincere with your application, answering these questions will be very difficult for you, and as such lead to rejection by scholarship reviewers.

If you are able to answer the above Questions in your own genuine way, in addition to the 5 STEPS I TOOK TO WIN A SCHOLARSHIP, then you are good to win any scholarship.

I wish you all the best in your quest to winning a scholarship.

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