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Japan in English: – Study in Japan in English language taught programmes.

According to findings, Japan is seen and perceived as one of the peaceful and safest countries in the World.

In history, the country Japan is known for her rich cultural heritage, having about 21 World Heritage Sites according to UNESCO.

Japan has a lot to offer to tourists, this is why everyone including you and I wish to spend some precious time of our life there.

Travelling to Japan is as easy as ABC, but it requires some funding.

The easiest way to visit Japan and enjoy her rich culture is by undertaking a study programme there.

Study in Japan has a wide range of options available to those who wish to undertake a study in Japan in English, which also includes a range of different courses at undergraduate, masters and PhD or doctoral level.

Japan in English Taught Universities

In this article, I will focus on three (3) Japanese universities in the capital city of Tokyo which offers full study in Japan programmes taught in English language.

These universities include:

  1. University of Tokyo
  2. Hokkaido University
  3. Sophia University

University of Tokyo

The university of Tokyo, which is also known as Todai, is Japan’s highest-ranked university and has an overplus of programmes that are taught in English, and most of these programmes and courses are at graduate level.

Some of the courses taught in English are;

  1. Architecture and urban planning,
  2. International bioengineering,
  3. and their Master of Public Policy International Program (MPP/IP).

I will recommend you have a proper a look at the website of the University of Tokyo for a comprehensive list of graduate degrees which are taught in English. Also, you can read about their undergraduate courses and programmes which are English-taught programs here).

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Hokkaido University (Japan in English)

Although the capital city offers the most options, a Tokyo residency is not required in order to study in Japan in English. Hokkaido University has an impressive listing of academic programs for international students. Some of the courses taught in English are listed below:

  1. Mechanical and space engineering,
  2. Applied physics,
  3. Mathematics, and
  4. Environmental engineering are among the many possibilities.

For more information, check out Hokkaido University’s full listing of programs to study in English.

Sophia University

Sophia university is a private owned university which is located in the capital city of Japan (Tokyo). This university was the first in Japan to offer programmes taught exclusively in English.

Opportunities to study in Japan in English at Sophia University include master’s and doctoral programs in global environmental studies, green science and engineering, global studies, and a master’s in linguistics (TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

Find out more at the Sophia University website.

I hope these examples will get your academic life in Japan started!

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