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Study Canada: IDRC Research Awards 2020 For Developing Countries



Brief Description of Study Canada : IDRC Research Awards 2020

Study Canada : IDRC Research Awards 2020. The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) supports research in developing countries to create real and lasting change.

This knowledge can be used as a tool for addressing pressing global challenges. We share it with others by:

  • providing developing-country researchers with financial resources, advice, and training to find solutions to local problems;
  • sharing our knowledge with policymakers, researchers, and communities around the world;
  • fostering new talent by offering fellowships and awards; and
  • putting new knowledge into the hands of those who can use it best to address global challenges.


IDRC have supported more than 1,900 research projects over the past decade.

IDRC Research Awards 2020 Eligibility

This call is open to Canadians, permanent residents of Canada, and citizens of developing countries enrolled in a master’s or a doctoral degree at a recognized university OR who have completed a master’s or a doctoral degree at a recognized university.

Please note the additional eligibility requirements outlined immediately below and in each of the eight theme descriptions.


Technology and Innovation


International Development, RESEARCH


January to December 2020 (12 months)




Far East Asia, Middle East, North and Central America, North of Sahara, Oceania, South America, South Asia, South of Sahara


Salary for one year in Canada: CA$41,310-$47,822

Who can apply for Study Canada : IDRC Research Awards 2020:

This call is open to:

  • Canadians or permanent residents of Canada who are enrolled in a master’s or a doctoral degree at a recognized university OR have completed (within the last three years) a master’s or doctoral degree at a recognized university.
  • Citizens of a developing country who are enrolled in a master’s or a doctoral degree at a Canadian university OR have completed (within the last three years) a master’s or doctoral degree at a recognized university. In either case, applicants must already have a work permit valid for full-time work (37.5 hours per week) in Canada until December 31, 2020 prior to applying.

Please note: the expectation of receiving a post-graduation work permit is not sufficient.

Other eligibility requirements

  • The proposed research must focus on one or more developing countries.
  • These awards may be part of an academic requirement.
  • The specific eligibility criteria of each research theme must be satisfied.

Please note: Successful award recipients cannot receive any other Canadian government scholarship, award, subsidy, bursary, or honorarium, or hold any federal government contract in support of a research/work project for the duration of the award. This includes any other IDRC award and any award managed by another institution but supported in whole or in part by IDRC, such as the Queen Elizabeth Advanced Scholars program.

Research country exceptions

In principle, IDRC supports research in all developing countries. At this time, however, we do not offer awards for research that involves the following countries:

Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mali, North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of), Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Yemen, southern and eastern Europe, Central Asia, and South Caucasus.

Countries subject to approval

You may apply for research in the following countries and territories, but if you are recommended for an award, your application may be subject to a further stage of approval within IDRC:

Afghanistan, Congo (Democratic Republic of), Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Gabon, Guinea-Bissau, Maldives, Micronesia, Monserrat, Myanmar, Sudan, Suriname, Venezuela, West Bank and Gaza, Zimbabwe, some small island states (including Comoros, São Tomé and Principe, Saint Helena, Timor-Leste), and the Pacific Islands (Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Niue, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna).


Research award recipients will join IDRC for a one-year paid program to undertake research on the topic they have submitted. They will receive hands-on experience in research and program management and support, grant administration, and the creation, dissemination, and use of knowledge from an international perspective.

For payroll purposes, awardees are considered full-time employees of IDRC. Benefits include employer contributions to employment insurance, employer health tax, the Canada Pension Plan, and paid vacation leave. Some travel and research expenses are also supported, up to a maximum of CA$15,000.

Eight awards will be offered as a result of this call. There is one call per theme listed below. You may choose only ONE of the following:

READ ALSO: How to Live and Work in Canada Using Student Visa

Evaluation criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate applications:

Research component:

  • relevance of the proposal to IDRC’s mandate and strategic priorities
  • relevance of the proposal to the chosen IDRC theme’s specifications
  • clarity and quality of the proposal
  • clarity and appropriateness in addressing the ethical considerations and gender dimensions of the proposed research
  • applicant’s capacity to conduct the proposed program of research, including academic training, local language capacity, and related experience

Program management and support component:

  • applicant’s capacity to conduct program of work, including related employment experience

Study Canada : IDRC Research Awards 2020 APPLICATION DEADLINE:

September 18, 2019 by 16:00 (EDT)

HOW TO APPLY For Study Canada : IDRC Research Awards 2020:

Instructions on signing up online:

  1. Steps to follow:
    Step 1: Open an account by registering (“Sign Up”) or open a session (“Sign In”).
    Step 2: The first time you register, you will receive a confirmation by email. Do not forget to check your “spam” in case the confirmation email goes there! Add us to your contacts to continue to receive emails.

Before applying for this award, please read the IDRC Research Awards 2020 Checklist below:

Please note: Only online applications are accepted.

  • Complete the eligibility and application forms online.
  • Your application should be completed in English or French (Canada’s two official languages).
  • Submit a complete application by 4:00 pm EDT the day of the deadline.
  • Incomplete and late applications will NOT be considered.

After the deadline, members of the selection committees will conduct a preliminary evaluation. Only shortlisted candidates will be required to provide the following documents.

Documents to submit online (in English or French) if you are shortlisted:

  • Proof of citizenship or permanent residency, and, if required, a copy of a work permit valid in Canada until December 31, 2020
  • Official transcripts from your most recent completed degree AND of your current program (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of registration in a master’s or doctoral program (if applicable)
  • Curriculum vitae

More details about The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) award:


Shortlisted candidates will receive an e-mail to inform them that they have been shortlisted and instructing them to log in to provide additional information. They will be required to provide the names and contact information of two references: one must be an academic reference and the other must be an employment reference. Once submitted, these contacts will automatically receive an e-mail notification with instructions to complete an online reference form.

We recommend that you notify your references of the process.

Official transcripts

If you are a shortlisted candidate, you will be required to upload scanned copies of original or notarized/certified transcripts from your most recent completed degree AND of your current program, even if it is not completed.

(Note: Web transcripts or academic history are not recognized as official transcripts. If you are a citizen of a developing country and cannot submit the requested transcripts, please upload a scanned signed letter on official letterhead from the university confirming the degree and the marks obtained).

Proof of citizenship/permanent residency/work permit

Shortlisted candidates will be required to upload scanned copies of any of the following documents: current passport, birth certificate or Permanent Resident Card, and in some cases, a copy of a work permit that is valid through December 31, 2020.

Instructions for uploading scanned documents

To minimize the number of files uploaded, we require that all documents with multiple pages be merged into one file. For example, a transcript of six pages should be uploaded as one merged file, NOT six separate images.

Some scanners will do this automatically. However, if yours does not, there are manual methods of doing so with Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, or other software programs. While IDRC cannot provide instructions, solutions are available on the Internet.


Announcement of Results:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Due to the large number of applications received, we will not inform the non-recommended candidates on the status of their application.

Results of the recommended candidates will be available by late November 2019 on the official website of International Development Research Centre (IDRC).


© copyright 2021 – All rights reserved


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Post-Secondary Scholarships in Canada



Post-Secondary Scholarships in Canada by Government of Canada is open for application.

 About the ACUFC Post-Secondary Scholarships in Canada:

The Government of Canada is offering up to 850 ACUFC Post-Secondary Scholarships to the Canadian candidates for the academic year 2021/2022.

The bursary is focused on assisting talented scholars by providing them with a $ 3,000 amount to improve their bilingualism while inquiring in a field that fascinates them.

Course Level:

Post-secondary degree

Scholarship Value:

Up to $3,000

Number of Available Scholarships:



Eligible Countries:

Citizens of Canada only (the award will be taken in Canada)

Eligible Course or Subjects:

The bursary is available for the post-secondary degree programs in the French language.

Eligibility Criteria:

To become eligible for the award, applicants must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Have English as the first official language spoken
  • Have completed their secondary school studies in an English-language institution and graduated from this institution;
  • Have reached the postsecondary level of education
  • Study full time in a Canadian institution during the current year
  • Be enrolled in the first year of a post-secondary study program in French
  • Be at least 17 years old on the first day of class
  • Demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge of French to be able to study in that language. A transcript attesting to having taken courses in French at the secondary school or college, or university level in Canada for a minimum of two years will be required
  • Intend to pursue full-time studies in a college or undergraduate university program in Canada, to take at least 50% of their courses and participate in related activities (placements and training activities in the community) in French.
Post-Secondary Scholarships in Canada

How to Apply:

Aspirants can fill the online application form to apply for the studentship.

Supporting Documents:

Candidates must submit a copy of the following required documents along with the application, i.e., an ID card, a passport photo in JPG format, a CV, and academic records.

Admission Requirements:

Aspirants must fulfil the required conditions for the applied degree field at Glendon.

Language Requirement:

Applicants must provide evidence of English language ability through various certificates like GMAT, IELTS or TOEFL, etc.

The Government of Canada provides a worth of up to $3,000 to the talented and outstanding scholars via the Bursaries for post-secondary studies in French.

Application Deadline:

April 1, 2021
For More Information Visit the Official Scholarship Webpage Here.
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Live and Work in Canada Using Student Study Visa Permit



Live and work in Canada 2020 using student study visa permit . Canada is among the most student and immigrant-friendly nation in the world and offers various options to establish a permanent base in the country for students and skilled professionals.

There are more than 350,000 international students that enroll yearly in Canada across study programs. In addition to world-class educational opportunities, Canada also offers students and graduates the chance to build a career and settle permanently in the country.

Learning, earning and staying in Canada are the three pillars of successful immigration to the country for students. It opens up the path for an accelerated process of getting permanent residency in Canada.

This policy, combined with low tuition fees and high student satisfaction index, leads to a rapid increase in student enrollment numbers every year.

How to Live and Work in Canada 2020 : Learning in Canada

Potential destinations for international students like the United States, France, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia are losing out to Canada, which has become a place of choice among students for learning avenues. This is, in part, thanks to a robust policy that incentives the completion of all three pillars of Canadian immigration.

The following is the list of advantages that the country offers:

    • For international students, a work permit of 20 hours per week during semester and for full-time basis while on school breaks.


    • Low tuition fees and charges


    • Spouses or partners can accompany an international student and along with that, can also obtain a work permit to work for any employer without any time restrictions.


    • Children of students can study at any Canadian elementary school without any study permit.


    • Graduates completing their studies in Canada are offered pathways to permanent residency on an active basis.


Now doesn’t that sound pretty good? Yes, it does and it is! In order to actually avail these benefits, you need to learn how to immigrate to Canada with a regular student visa. You can look at these steps:

Find an Appropriate Program of Study and University

There are plenty of options to select from. After getting some idea about your choices and preferences, you can select the location and institution of study. Databases from Colleges and Institutes Canada as well as advice from Maclean’s Magazine can be sought for choosing the perfect college for your needs and aspirations.

After finding the right choice, you need to make sure the institute you have chosen is a Designated Learning Institute (DLI). As international students in Canada need study permits, all study permits need a letter of acceptance by a DLI.

The list of DLI keeps on changing and is defined as a university/college approved to host international students by provincial governments.

Getting Admission to the Study Program, Live and Work in Canada 2020:

The next focus must be on getting an admission to your chosen university. Applicants must look at deadlines for application, requirements of specific language and other needs for university entrance in Canada, as part of the process of Canadian immigration with a student visa.

The precursor to a full study permit is the letter of acceptance. This document is issued at the DLI and its quite crucial to move further in the process. Potential students may not get a study permit in the absence of this document.

After getting a letter of acceptance, you are issued a study permit, issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You can now study in Canada in the time frame mentioned in your study program.

Earning in Canada

The economy of Canada is in a growth phase and is quite diverse. Any student who wishes to be its part can do so with ease. As shown before, overseas students can take part in the Canadian workforce before their graduation. This helps to gain a source of income, get valuable Canadian experience and interact professionally with people.

However, the best opportunity to work and earn in Canada comes in the post-graduation permit for work. This is a permit that allows graduates to work in Canada for any employer, up to 3 years, showing up a unique chance for immigrating to Canada.

How to Live and Work in Canada 2020 Using Student Visa

According to the Canadian government, international graduates and students are the best fit for multi-year immigration plans offered by Canada due to their attachment to Canada, knowledge and for using the country’s official language as their own.

There are various systems of immigration services that work to the advantage of international graduates and students. These include:

Express Entry System

This is the most used system of economic immigration to Canada with the selection of permanent residents being done on a priority basis. The various ways of entering the candidate list are:

Canadian Experience Class (CEC): This serves as an immigration program that works on a fast-track basis for people with Canadian work experience in a skilled job, with graduates being the targeted individuals.

Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC): This program gives preference to young people who have language skills and therefore, gives most graduates and students an advantage.

Immigration to Quebec

Provinces like Quebec have their distinct gateways to permanent residency. This includes:

Quebec Experience Program: The unique Quebec Experience Program offers international students an opportunity to start their immigration proceedings before the end of their study period. This privilege is not given at the federal level or in other provinces.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Canadian provinces have the power to nominate permanent residents through their Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The requirements for eligibility set forth by provinces for the program is more inclined to students and those who choose to study in Canada. This is due to their experience of living among local people as well as good language skills.

Ontario and British Columbia are the most popular among students for participating in this program to get permanent residency. This program is also helpful for students who do not qualify for getting permanent resident status through the Express Entry program draws.

Canada offers one of the most liberal student immigration and visa programs with a subsequent guarantee of permanent residency to all international students. With these student-friendly policies, the country has become a hub of higher education aspirants from all over the world.

© copyright 2021 – All rights reserved


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Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship for Citizens of Canada, India, Pakistan, USA, China and Hong Kong



Scotlands Saltire Scholarship 2020 – Easy Steps To Apply:- Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships is a programme of scholarships offered by the Scottish Government in collaboration with Scottish universities in the areas of science, technology, creative industries, healthcare and medical sciences, and renewable and clean energy.

Scotlands Saltire Scholarship 2020 – Easy Steps To Apply

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships are an incredible opportunity to study in a country with world-leading universities and a long tradition of academic excellence.

The scheme offers £8,000 Tuition fee scholarships to students who are citizens in the following countries Canada, India, Pakistan, USA, China and Hong Kong.

Each scholarship will amount to £8,000 and will be tenable for one academic year. The award will be deducted from your tuition fees.

These scholarships are supported and funded by the Scottish Government in partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University

Scholars will be expected to participate in a number of activities throughout the academic year in addition to their course of study, including welcome and end of year events and the promotion of Scotland and Scottish Higher Education.

In order to apply for a Saltire Scholarship candidates must have a conditional or unconditional offer of a place at GCU.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Scotlands Saltire Scholarship 2020:

any International student who is a citizen of the following countries and meets the criteria below:

  • Canada
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Japan
  • Pakistan
  • USA

  • Be able to demonstrate that they can meet the costs of living in Scotland and the remaining tuition fees.
  • Not have previously studied for a full undergraduate degree in Scotland.
  • Not have previously received a Saltire Scholarship.
  • Meet the language requirements of the course.

Eligible courses:

The course must be a postgraduate Masters level course in one of the following subject areas commencing in September 2020:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Creative industries
  • Healthcare and medical sciences
  • Renewable and clean energy
  • Courses must be full-time and delivered in Scotland. **Online, distance learning are not eligible for the scholarship.

Further information on the eligibility criteria and application process for the Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships Scheme is available on the Study in Scotland website.

You may also apply for the

Orange Knowledge Programme 2020 for Students to Study in The Netherlands.

Application Deadline

The Saltire Scholarship application process for 2020/21 is now open. The closing date is Tuesday, 1 June at midnight GMT. 

Note: Only applicants on a Full Time Taught Postgraduate Masters course are eligible to apply.

Get Application Form Here 

Before completing this application form please read the eligibility rules and FAQs here.

Official Website:

For More Information Visit the Official Scholarship Webpage Here.

Terms and conditions

You must attend any related events in line with the Saltire scholarship.

You must be able to cover your living costs and balance of Tuition fee in line with the UKVI requirements when applying for a Visa

All awards are non-transferable to any other programme or academic session if you are awarded the scholarship.

© copyright 2021 – All rights reserved


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